A monument is more than just a sum of the materials used in its construction. The materials, themselves, are a lasting symbol of the character of the American veteran.

The strength and sureness of steel. The endurance and firmness of granite.  The ruggedness of concrete.  The surrounding grass with its gentleness.  Each description applies to those who served our country.  An unyielding firmness and endurance to the end of the mission.  Strength and ruggedness to perform the difficult task.  Compassion and sensitivity to help others.


It seems only fitting that this Memorial, which will stand for generations to come, will honor the generations of Americans who sacrificed for our country.  Whether you are related to someone whose name will be forever immortalized in the Memorial, we all share the kinship of being an American citizen. Please consider donating to the Memorial as an everlasting “thank you” to those who served.

The Carlisle Veterans Memorial Committee